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Whether you’re looking for an on-road or off-road adventure these bike’s have you covered.  While traditionally motorcycles have been designated either for dirt or street exclusively this new breed has bridged the gap allowing you to do both on any given Sunday.  The manufacturers have not sacrificed but instead balanced the best of both worlds mating them together to make a truly capable machine.

Most people would first think of an Enduro motorcycle when thinking of a hybrid and while these are an excellent style in their own right they offer some problems that these adventure-touring bikes have overcome.  Traditionally Enduro’s have leaned more on the side of a dirt bike adapted to the road, and have always been either uncomfortable or incapable of sustained highway riding.  Often the engines are under-powered for what’s truly needed, the transmissions are small and weak, or the bike is just plain unruly on the road, making highway driving a white-knuckle experience.

Adventure Touring bikes instead of Enduro or dual sports tend to come at the problem from the opposite side.  They more often than not feature super-bike like engines mated to smooth shifting road based gear boxes designed to handle their increased power.  They then couple this to a new chassis which not only has the clearance to handle off-road obstacles but also the refinement to engage a tight turn or sustained highway trip in relative comfort and peace of mind.

It’s true that while they are not the most capable off-road machines they can certainly do it and often do it well.  These are not your tight trail bikes but if the urge hits you to enjoy a mountain view from an obscure fire road these bikes will shine.  I believe this is where the terms Adventure and Touring truly meet, for you’re no longer limited by choosing one or the other, but instead can tour your way to the adventure no matter where it will take you.

Please make your booking early, our Sacramento Adventure Touring Motorcycle Rentals fill up fast especially during high season.

Currently we offer a very capable BMW R1200GS Motorcycle for hire to read more about it or book it click the picture or link above.