Sacramento Sport Bike Rentals

  • Honda Interceptor VFR800 Rental

    Engine Size: 781 cc
    Engine Configuration: DOHC V-4
    Transmission: 6 Speed
    March - Oct
    From: $119 - $149
    Nov - Feb
    $119 - $129

Are you ready to hit the track for a fun weekend away from home, or are you looking for some spirited riding fun in the local mountains?

Check out our Sacramento Sport Bike Rentals.

Sportbike’s have been designed from the factory for speed, acceleration and hard cornering on pavement which translates into you having an adrenaline pumping ride!  These are typically not your weekend cruisers for around town but instead are road hugging high revving monsters that propel you forward, unabashed about gas mileage or comfort.

As of this writing we have a hybrid sport-touring sport bike for hire, the Honda VFR 800, which is not a super bike by any means but can still be classified as a sport bike.

The positive thing about this bike is that it can still be a blast to ride at the local track or on the twisty mountain roads but not leave you with a backache or a saddle soar backside from only a few hours of riding.

The Honda VFR800 is a joy to ride with a powerful 800cc motor that revs smoothly throughout the power band and transfers that power effortlessly through its six-speed transmission.  The seat is firm but plush enough to be comfortable and the ergonomics are well designed allowing you to grab gears or brake with ease.

Please hire your sport bike soon because they fill up very quickly in the peak season.