Yamaha R6 Sport Bike Rental

  • Make: Yamaha
  • Model: R6
  • Curb Weight: 413.6 lbs
  • Seat Height: 33.5 in
  • Wheel Base: 54.1 in
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.6 gal
  • Engine Size: 599 cc
  • Engine Configuration: Straight 4 Cylinder
  • Transmission: 6 Speed
  • Drive Type: Chain Drive
  • Brake System: Disc Brakes
  • Cruise Control: No
  • Optional Equipment:
  • Partial Windshield Fairing (Wind Deflector)
  • Passenger Seat

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March – Oct Nov – Feb
24 Hrs. $169 $149
2-3 Days $159 $149
4-6 Days $149 $139
7 Plus $139 $139
Additional Fees
Extra Helmet Jacket Gloves
$5/day $5/day $2.50/day

Our Yamaha R6 will provide you with hours of enjoyment on one of the best middleweight sport bikes available. Key features, according to Yamaha:

Light, powerful and bristling with knowledge gained from years of racing, the YZF-R6 is the most advanced production 600cc motorcycle Yamaha – or anybody else – has ever built.

The YZF-R6 was the first production motorcycle with a fly-by-wire throttle system for flawless response under all conditions.

YCC-I, Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake, is used on the R6 to vary intake tract length for excellent cylinder filling and a broader powerband. On the higher revving R6, its benefits are even more pronounced.

Slipper-type back torque-limiting clutch greatly facilitates braking/downshifting from high speed.

The YZF-R6 achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 40 mpg** with a fuel tank that holds 4.6 gallons of gas.